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Development and formulation

This is our starting point for the development of new products. By working in close cooperation with the Quality Control laboratories and the manufacturing plants, we test out the stability of the new formulations as well as establishing clear manufacturing procedure guidelines so as to ensure a succesful scale-up. This service offers clients the chance to carry out preliminary tests to improve on old or problematic formulations, as well as to recommend changes to adapt those formulas to new regulations or requirements and even to improve manufacturing conditions.This is also the first step to take before moving production to a new manufacturing site or after changing the manufacturer.

  • Development of product formulations for new MA applications.
  • Updating current formulations to comply with new regulations.
  • Enhancing current formulations.
  • Developing impact studies or transfer of manufacturing sites.
  • For the Pharmaceutical (Human and Animal Health) and Food industries.
  • The pharmaceutical forms we can research or develop include: sterile solutions, suspensions, lyophilized products and non sterile solids or liquids.